help me guys i wanna buy a doctor who shirt but idk which one to get

this is number one on my list so far:KEEP CALM AND DON'T BLINK by bomdesignz

but what i really want is that same shirt design but instead say keep calm i’m the doctor

but i cant find one anywhere with that combination…but if anyone can think of any cooler doctor who shirts tell me please and where i can buy it! :D ?

  1. spacesmutt answered: oh god, I dont even watch the show that often but if you want the shirt to make a lasting impression on fans and non fans alike get this one.
  2. ukeagent21 answered: I like the one that says “you never forget your first doctor”
  3. oceantideheartbeat said: Omg I have that shirt kind of! It’s blue and it says keep calm and don’t blink. But if you find the one you’re looking for, would you let me know? I want it so badly!
  4. vidxden answered: try making your own :) or buy it online. i do it all the time
  5. kiarazuri answered: That one, definitely.
  6. kimma-zing answered:…
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